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Mid-Winter is Coming!

You are invited to attend the 2018 Mid-Winter Conference!

The 2018 Mid-Winter Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel North, 6500 Doubletree Avenue, Columbus, on the weekend of January 19th-21st. the Legion, SAL, and Auxiliary are all together and will have meetings in the same hotel. The conference is focused on training and education of The American legion and it’s programs. Everyone is welcome to attend the conference and any of the meetings/classes offered.




American Legion Family bonds against Hurricane Harvey

Dear American Legion Family and friends,

We need our families the most during life’s greatest challenges. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Texas and the Gulf Coast right now.

American Legion Post 658 Commander Gary Alston evacuated his home with his family on August 25 due to the high winds inflicted by Hurricane Harvey. Along with those winds came the water. Trillions of gallons in Texas, according to some estimates. The Alstons, that’s Gary, his wife, two sons and grandmother, have been living at the Legion post in Crosby ever since. Although the population keeps changing, there were 360 people sheltering at the post by Tuesday.

“We have blacks, whites, Mexicans and Indians,” Alston said. “They come here without much but everybody is working together. Veterans and nonveterans. The rest of the country could learn from this.”

It brings to mind the work of DeRidder, La., Post 27, which served as a home to so many in its community during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago. Its shelter fostered such a family environment that two evacuees were married there less than two weeks after Katrina tore through the coast.

“This is for human life,” Post 27 Commander Bill Loftin said in 2005 of the post’s emergency efforts. “That’s what the Legion is all about. These people are at the mercy of the world.” 

My theme as national commander is “Family First,” and this is a perfect example of why The American Legion Family is so important. We have always been advocates for preparedness and emergency response. After Hurricane Camille struck the Gulf Coast in 1969, the National Executive Committee created the National Emergency Fund as a one-time project to award grants to eligible Legion Family members and posts. The program was made permanent after Hurricane Hugo roared into the Carolinas in 1989. Grants of up to $3,000 are now awarded to eligible individuals and $10,000 to Legion posts. Almost $9 million of assistance has been delivered by the NEF since the program’s creation. To learn more about NEF please visit 

Our Temporary Financial Assistance Program is also ready to assist Legion-eligible veterans with minor children (18 or younger) who need financial help to pay for shelter, food, utilities or medical expenses. To learn more about TFA please visit

In addition to the devastating impact natural disasters have on lives and homes, communications often collapse when cellular towers are destroyed and satellites fail.  The American Legion Amateur (Ham) Radio Club (TALARC) was established in 2011 with such emergencies in mind.  With a membership of more than 3,150 in at least 30 post clubs, these dedicated enthusiasts work closely with the Department of Homeland Security and other emergency management agencies in support of civil defense.            

You can learn more about our ham radio club by visiting
www.legion.org/hamradio or by emailing k9TAL@legion.org. And like any other national emergency, blood donations are always needed.

Family first!

Denise H. Rohan
National Commander

Post-9/11 veterans look to re-energize California Post 123 |

The American Legion

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American Legion
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Winners of the A&G and Oratorical contests from Hilliard Davidson High School, with past Franklin County Council Commander and Post 614 Americanism Chair Bill Schnug and Post 614 Commander (elect) Tom Rowe!

This is Brett Phillabaum of Two Men And A Truck® here in Columbus, OH.
We realize that time is a limited resource and that this is an interruption to your day, but what better way to determine if it makes sense to begin a partnership.
With an unrivaled commitment to the well being of our employees, we’re dedicated to providing the framework needed for each to exceed their life’s full potential.
We have found that more often than not, an applicant is applying because of career opportunities. We have taken notice to this and developed a training program to set our employees up for success.
In fact, 90% of our leadership team started in frontline positions.
We have one simple goal: To move people forward.
If this makes sense, would you entertain a phone call in the next few weeks?

Thanks for your time,

Brett Phillabaum
Human Resources Assistant Manager

5083 Westerville Road
Columbus, OH 43231
614-901-1570 XT 106 (office) l 614-901-1577 (fax)

2016 Memorial Post 614 Legion Family Christmas Party!

Legion Riders, Legionnaires, Sons, & Auxiliary:
American Legion member Robert Goza (Groveport 486) lost virtually everything due to a severe sewage backup/damage caused by a recent flood in Pickerington, Ohio.
Robert has children, a boy and a girl, (Elias 3 and Jasmine 4 1/2) who lost all of their toys due to the rise of sewage in his house.
I am heading an effort to help Robert and his family, and it would be nice to have the Legion Riders of Ohio step up with some toys for the kids; but anyone can help.
We can coordinate a toy run for a future date (soon) to collect the toys and present them to the Goza family.
Please email me directly with anyone who is willing to help out at shigley710@yahoo.com
Here is a link to the WCMH Channel 4 news story that aired yesterday evening.


Judge Advocate & Parliamentarian
American Legion Department of Ohio
12th District Council & Memorial Post 614

President, American Legion Riders Memorial Post 614
Hilliard, Ohio

Cell: 614-202-9283 

2016 Veterans Day Parade! (Click Here for Flash Slide Show)

2016 Veterans Day Parade! (Click Here for HTML version Slide Show)

Steve Stivers Serving Ohio's 15th District

What is your experience with the National Flood Insurance Program?

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is broken.  The program’s flawed design gives all taxpayers and many flood insurance policyholders a raw deal. 

According to the National Resources Defense Council, there are tens of thousands of properties in the program that have flooded multiple times - including one home that has flooded 40 times and has received over $400,000 in flood insurance payments. This kind of wasteful spending is unacceptable and unfair.  But until we make needed reforms to the program, lower-risk policyholders will continue to pay higher premiums than they should to cross-subsidize these properties while taxpayers foot the bill of an actuarially unsound program.

With the Flood Insurance Program facing a debt of $25 billion to Treasury, all of us are stakeholders in the program’s future.  So whether you own a flood insurance policy or not, I want to know what you think about the Flood Insurance Program and its pending reauthorization.  I invite you to Click here to take my survey.

Taxpayers should not be paying to keep a government programs like these afloat. It is my hope we can incorporate private sector participation to bring in choice, competition, and to take some of the burden off of tax payers.

2015 July Fourth Parade American Legion Post 614 Float! (Click Here for Slide Show)



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July 9, 2017

Retired Justice Stratton News Clips may be viewed at


American Legion Riders of Post 614! (Pictured L-R: John Sires (Vice President), Dean Jacobs (Sgt @ Arms), Tim Shigley (President), Bill Ihrig (Road Captain), Nina Motter, Colleen McGinnis (Secretary), Tom Rowe (Road Captain), and Eric Sandkuhl) (Click Here for Larger Picture)

04/25/2017 12:29 PM EDT


Columbus VA Extends Urgent Care Hours to Serve Veterans. Beginning May 1, 2017, the Urgent Care Center will be open 7 days a week; additional services also offered on weekends.

Every Tuesday Clippers Home Game in 2017, The Columbus Clippers will recognize Military & First Responders personnel in several ways:

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Post 614 has initiated a veteran's memorial program to recognize ALL veterans at the Hilliard Veteran Memorial which is located near the Senior Center.  Pavers can be engraved with the veteran's name and other information pertinent to that veteran.  Please click here to open the paver form to be completed and mailed with your check for $100 to the American Legion Memorial Post 614, PO Box 1120, Hilliard. OH 43026.  Orders received for these memorialized engraved pavers by April 15, 2013, will be in place prior to Memorial Day 2013. Future memorialized engraved pavers will be in place for the 4th of July, Labor Day, and Veterans Day when paver orders are received six weeks prior to the holiday each year.

Click here to open the paver order form.


American Legion Quick Facts

National American Legion

Focusing on service to veterans, servicemembers and communities, The American Legion currently has about 2.4 million members in 14,000 posts worldwide.

Legion History

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization. Focusing on service to veterans, servicemembers and communities, the Legion evolved from a group of war-weary veterans of World War I into one of the most influential nonprofit groups in the United States.